Get back

If you have a writing drought, even if it’s caused by a flood…there comes a time when you must get back.

I thought, being trapped in Nanticoke’s island last week that I’d have plenty of time to write.  I discovered the opposite.  The environment was chaotic.  (Brother playing shooting games on PS3.)  It always happens like this, though.

I fall out of my regular writing schedule, don’t write, feel guilty about not writing and then…then it happens.  The horrible procrastination has set in.  The excuses come.  The “I’ll get back into it tomorrow” and “just five more minutes and then I’ll get up…” roll off my tongue.

And before I know it, an entire week has almost passed.  Well, yesterday was a full moon and a bad day.  So today I got up and wrote, but only had about 30 minutes because I hit snooze.  It’s on days like this that I realize how important it is to write for at least an hour in the morning.

It’s as essential as sleeping, eating, putting on clothes before you leave.  It needs to be habitual and routine.  If you are a writer or creative type you know the value of making time for your efforts daily.

We’re not like other people.  We need this time and quiet and creative space to create.  We can’t just plug in and surf the web and play video games and watch golf (really?  I never could get that!)  We do these things instead of writing and creating but it’s only in expression that we find relief and release.

So, to my small handful of readers:  GO WRITE NOW!  Go, right now!

Rock and write on,



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