Creative Community

We tend to overlook root words in the English language.  Every time I think of the word “community” I break it down:  common unity.  In particular, today I’d like to talk about the creative community, especially when it comes to creative writing.

It’s no secret that writing is a solitary act.  The cat stares at you in the pre-dawn computer glow.  You turn down social engagements to work on your novel.  You wish you had someone to give you some feedback on your latest attempt at poetry, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will be something you like.

Recently, I joined/started a small writer’s group and it has been incredibly inspiring.  As writers, sometimes I think we isolate ourselves too much.  The reward of writing is not in publication, I don’t think.  The reward is in SHARING our writing with someone, even if it’s just one other person.

It is essential to have other creative people to convene with.  This sharing of creative works is often infectious.  For example, I am used to the creative writing community through Wilkes University, but I started a small poetry series at my public library this fall.  It is great to meet new people at all skill levels, and to see their response and appreciation for having a creative community in which to share and grow in their talents.

If you don’t have a creative community, seek one out or start one in your town/city.  I promise it will be worth it!

Be well and keep right on writing,



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