what’s your writing sin?

I’ll preface this blog entry with quoted song lyrics from one of my favorite bands of all time, Toad the Wet Sprocket “I won’t repeat myself again, I will not repeat myself again.” (“Come Down”, from the album, Coil, 1997.)  

Well, apparently, repeated words and phrases are my writing sin.  I attribute this to being excited about the ideas themselves.  You know how when you get really excited you repeat yourself?  I imagine that good editing and a second pair of eyes on my writing will help.  I’ve decided, however, not to be too harsh on myself during the first draft of things.  

Often, I kill ideas before they even start if I start wondering about my mistakes and hangups and reasons I should/shouldn’t be doing this/writing this/going there, etc.  As writers, it’s easy to blockade ourselves into a corner and tear down all the drive we have to write instead of just writing.

I said it just the other day on Facebook:  “Why do we postpone writing when it feels so damn good?!”  Even if it’s not terrific writing, and you know it isn’t, there’s something to be said about the magic of keys clacking away or ink flowing onto the page, whichever method you prefer.  Something transforms and takes the wheel.  You might be present, but you’re only watching as the thoughts, ideas, plots and characters mold you into their vessel for expression.  

So what is your writing hang up and what have you found helps to remedy it?

Be well and keep on writing,




2 thoughts on “what’s your writing sin?

    • You know, someone in the creative writing world at Wilkes told our class if you don’t know what to write, just write “I don’t know what to write” until something comes up and it’s almost guaranteed to. I think it’s because just the act of writing or typing that leads to a break in your stream of consciousness. Also, a lot of “blank page” writing happens because you have ideas and dismiss them. I’m guilty of this. I think it feels good to just write even if you know the writing’s not that good. Thanks for your feedback and for reading my blogs!

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