The Memorial Tattoo

This is more about me wanting to write about my first tattoo.  It is relevant to the writing life, though.  When we, as writers, experience something, almost anything, we feel the need to share it through the written word.  Here’s the story:

The Life and Times of An Almost Human Cat

The Memorial Tattoo

November 29th 2011 6:57 pm
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Snakes’ Mom, Rachael, here. I thought I’d write a bit about the memorial tattoo I got in honor of her life with me. I got the tattoo, (my first one ever) in March 2011, about six weeks after she passed.

Bella and Cecilia are with Mom and Jeremy, of course. This was in a time before Cinnamon and Sugar came into my life. (Cinnamon I got from a rescue shelter on what would have been Snakes’ 17th birthday.)

One of the nights shortly after she “went to see Jesus” I came home and sketched a picture of a stick-ish tree with stars and hearts, and a cat beneath it, looking up at it (from a back view.)

It was random and fast. Sitting in grief on my kitchen floor, I felt good about it. It was almost like she drove me to do it. Here’s the weird part:

A few days later, I thought to count the items. There were nine stars, seven hearts (the number of perfect order) and one cat. The sum of these items is 17. She would have been 17 on 03/25/2011. As I sketched it, unaware of the fated number, I thought it might be a good tattoo.

Mom and my best friend, Lindsey, went with me. Usually Mom is squeamish, but she was smiling and looking the whole time. I had a small picture of Snakes that I looked at the whole time. Oddly, I felt peaceful and found myself smiling during the process. It didn’t hurt. The tattoo artist, Liaa, said, “It will actually feel like one long cat scratch, ironically enough.” (I traveled all the way to DC and you should check out if you are interested in a good tattoo by great artists.)

The tattoo is situated right on my spine. Liaa explained this was a good choice that I made because it symbolized strength and eternity.

I always said when Snakies passed, I’d save her ashes and bury them to help a tree grow in my backyard. I don’t have the tree or the backyard but one day, I will. When I pass, I will have my ashes mingled with hers. She was with me for more than half my life, and was, without any doubt, family. She was my best friend.

As other feline friends pass, a coworker suggested I add them to the art on my back. I think I will.

Be well and kiss your kitties,


This is the link to the Catster page to learn more about the cats if you are interested:


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