The Great Big No

I’ve noticed how my two blogs will often coincide. I spoke on Unsung Throes about The Lemonheads and how their song “The Great Big No” helped me recently deal with another rejection of my work. Fortunately, all of my rejections thus far have been kind.

I once learned my lesson, however, with “asking what could have made it a yes” with an application to a graduate school that shall remain unnamed. The Dean of the school tore my credentials and writing samples apart. It was almost enough to reduce my writing psyche to nothing, but thankfully, I prevailed and was warmly welcomed to Wilkes University’s low-res Creative Writing program. There, they thought highly of my writing and the possibilities for my future as a professional writer.

That being said, this recent rejection wasn’t unkind but it came on a week where everything felt like it was falling apart: lack of sleep, disagreement with a friend, unnerving doubt about something, looming student loans, etc.

For a writer who has always been a writer, the last four times I have submitted work I’ve been told no. Each no was polite but, like any writer, caused me pouty, “Why doesn’t anyone like my writing?” moments.

Teach while you write is the resounding advice. I’ve seen these perfect teaching gigs and they all start with, “Must have a strong record of publications” or “must have at least one significant publication.” So how do I advance in my writing career if I don’t have any (nationally recognized) publications?

Well, for one, I keep writing. That is my advice to any struggling writer. It isn’t that you’re not good at what you do, necessarily. It is, perhaps, that the right audience hasn’t discovered you yet and vice versa. Keep looking for them. I have faith that mine is out there somewhere.

In the meantime, thanks for reading/listening/supporting me here. My blogging audience is small but loyal and I thank you all. You might be the push I need to make it in the writing world.

Be well, keep your chin up and keep writing.



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