Call to write

Doesn’t it feel good to write? I got sick, unmotivated, lost in the shuffle of my January days and stopped writing. Yesterday, I got up at 5:30, turned on the coffee pot and wrote for a good hour before the work routine.

Mom always told me to be happy you have to “eat right, sleep right and exercise.” I agree, only revising her mantra for me to “Eat: Write. Sleep: Write. Exercise. Write.” And listen to music as often as possible, of course. These are the elements that sustain me.

Not writing is like walking with no legs or, forgive me, being constipated. It makes you feel bad in body and emotion.

That is why, even though what we writers do is a solitary act, we need a writing community, or at least a handful of writer friends, to keep us accountable and to encourage us.

A friend of mine, Ally, often hosts “virtual writing events” on Facebook. It’s not a competition, rather it is a call to encourage us to pick up the pen or the iPad or to go sit at our desks and release. Even if what we write is crap, or we think it’s crap, it just feels damn good to write.

So, won’t you join me? From now until Sunday: write daily. Commit to a goal.

Here’s mine: I will edit at least three more chapters of the memoir and give life to two poems.

Tell me what you’re conjuring up.

Be well, be good to yourselves, and keep writing.



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