Writer’s Guilt (No, that’s not supposed to be guild)

You know what it is. You said you were going to write but hit the snooze button. You chose to watch prime-time TV instead. You were surely going to write after…you did the dishes, laundry, got groceries…and so on.

Today, my writer’s guilt was planted in a small patch of oversleeping coupled with morning pages for an Artist Workshop. Morning pages is still writing, yes, but not so much on the specific project. I’ve been doing really well with my editing and writing daily so it shouldn’t sidetrack me to miss this morning…


Doesn’t it feel bad not to write? Especially when you promised yourself you were going to? It makes me feel like I forgot to comb my hair or zip my fly or feed the cats…oh, God. I hope I fed them this morning (just kidding, I did, of course.)

Will I write tonight? Probably. But morning writing is so much better because it sets the tone for your day. Morning writing keeps you motivated about your project and excited to get back to it.

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? What are your writing commitments like?

Do share.

Be well and write on,



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