Close, but no…gold star?

Gold star just sounded better than cigar. That, and I’m not a cigar-smoker. I know I haven’t written here (or there, for that matter) in a while.) I finished the “final” draft of my memoir. All it really needs is one more read-through before I start fishing it out there. Yet I wonder why it is writers get so close and then fall into a lull? Do we self-sabotage? Are we just afraid that our “baby” could really be successful? Do other people feel this way? Probably.

Maybe it doesn’t matter why. But there comes a time (and this is the hard part) where you have to pull up your boot straps and buckle down. This is where a written down plan would be helpful. You can use gold stars on your calendar to indicate a completed deadline. A chapter a day, 100 pages a week (in the re-reading process, that is really not a lot.)

So tell me, writers at large, what do you do to get yourself across that finish line?

Be well and keep writing,



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