Creativity for Community

I’ve often pondered the word community. Sometimes you think of cops or firefighters or your local library. I always break it down to common unity. It’s our town, our valley, our world, really. It means sharing a common ground.

Pennsylvania’s common ground nearly drown last fall and my creativity kicked in. I had this (brilliant) idea to create a special edition literary magazine issue that would allow a creative response to Irene’s flooding. Additionally, the proceeds will help the recovering flood victims.

We (the Word Fountain Staff of the Osterhout Free Library) received some great support from the Luzerne Foundation and Independent Graphics to help us professionally publish an issue of flood-related content. This means it includes all ages and, for the first time ever photos and 2-D art. The writings and art must reflect flooding in NEPA, either from Agnes or Irene.

Please help me spread the word so we can make this happen! Thank you kindly in advance.

Information about our publication and submission guidelines can be found here:

Be well and write on,



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