Right. Write About Music

When I was writing for my MFA I was unable to listen to music…but then there came a day when I couldn’t think.  Well, you know (if you’ve read my music blog) that I’m a huge music fan.  I remember a high school teacher once put on classical music during standardized tests.  He said there was a study done that classical music helped students have a better outcome on the dreadful things (my opinion, but not mine alone.)

So, when my day was maxed out and my brain went numb, I started listening to classical music while writing and researching.  It worked.  My Pandora station even helped me have a favorite composer:  Haydn.  I noticed every time I said, “Wow, that’s an amazing piece!” it was always good old Franz Joseph.

When I was but a young fiction writer (10 years old, notebook and pen in hand) I used to write like wildfire to whatever album I was listening to.  I noticed I hadn’t done a lot of my creative writing to music, and yet, most of it had music involved in it.  I recently also read a YA novel called 13 Reasons Why where the author, Jay Asher, said he listened to Buffalo Tom’s “Larry” over and over again to craft the end of the book.  I happen to love Buffalo Tom and love that song.  I now can picture the end when I hear it, and that’s okay.  Music, movement and memory are all interconnected.

So, when this new YA project I’m working on came about, The Cure spoke to me.  I’ve been writing solid for a month and they have helped me craft my characters and the mood of some of my scenes.  So give it a try.  What era are you writing your story?  Pick a piece of music and listen to it to “get you in the mood,”

Be well and rock and write on,



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