Am I collecting data?  No.  Am I publishing something professional? (not in a sense.)  My purpose in this project is inspired by my chosen religion (notice the key word CHOSEN), Unitarian Universalism.  We talk about being our best selves, our authentic selves, and being the best that we can be for others and OUR WORLD.  By our world, I mean EVERYONE–NO EXCLUSIONS.  So often, with social media promotion, we struggle to present our best selves–we edit “selfies,” and delete “bad” ones.  This morning, I looked at my hair in the mirror.  I had just thrown it up into a hair clip.  I hadn’t washed my face or brushed my teeth…I still had my pjs on.  Obviously, I had no makeup and not even my glasses nearby.

I took a selfie.  I was looking in the mirror and realized that wow, we should be proud of who we are, no matter what.  What have I been struggling with?  Not enough self-kindness, too much body judgment…and here it is, a typical Wednesday, and I paused for a moment to appreciate what God has given me.  I was tempted, after posting on Instagram, to insert my usual humor:  oops, I forget to remove the mascara-covered sleeper from my eye…or, well, you can tell I have a lazy eye…or, wow, wish I could afford to fix this crooked tooth…or other such comments…and then I didn’t.  I didn’t, because I suddenly had the inspiration to start a movement to better the world, beginning with my own perspective.

“Are you who, who you are?  You are who, who you are…” (Pearl Jam, of course).

Join me, won’t you?  Share a natural, unedited photo of yourself with a resting “content face.”  I suggest closing your eyes, choosing your best angle, and meditating just a moment on your self-worth and sense of beauty.  Let that positivity shine across your face and hit the button.  Share it #authenticselfproject and stay tuned for a new blog that will inspire you to celebrate your own spirit and fill the world with positivity.

Blessed be all of you.

Write on,



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